That was scary!


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I just drilled my first tank!:spin1:
I'm so happy it didn't break:celeb1:

When I was setting up my 120 a couple of years ago I went back and forth,
To drill or not to drill, but talked myself out of it, Didn't want to risk breaking it.

So last month I picked up a 29 at petco $1 per gallon sale.

New home for my RBTA and mated,spawning,Clowns.

I got my super nano overflow box kit from Glass Holes today.
So I taped the template with duct tape where I wanted the overflow
Another piece of duct tape on the back side to catch the cut out,
Had the water hose running constant trickle of water to keep it cool.

I have watched a few people drill on youtube some say to start at an
angle to get it started some just go straight down.
I just held the bit against the template until it got a groove started
Let the bit do the work no pressure on the drill just hold it steady.
went through like butter. 3 holes in like 20 min.

1- 1 3/4 hole for the overflow and 2- 1 1/8 holes for 1/2 inch returns.
And no chip outs.

Leak testing now.
If weather stays nice I'll paint the back glass tomorrow, If the Honeydo list

It'll be nice not having an overflow and return hanging over the top of tank
nice and clean and tidy.

Just wanted to share the experience, I'll probably get scolded for not taking

But had to run as soon as I finished,
First high school football game of the season.And We Won!