The Best Skimmer!


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Aqua C remora, I love mine. I have the remora pro on my 20L+20L and it is awesome. I would go with the full size remora because you never know when you might upgrade in tank size.


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Yeah, actually my brother runs a regular AquaC on his 30g, and it works great. The nano might be better for a 12 gallon.


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Count one more for the AquaC Remora. I have a Nano edition on my 24g Aquapod and I love the thing. I was a little skeptical at first after I had a few people tell me that a skimmer wasn't necessary on a tank like mine but the amount of organic matter it pulls out in only a few days time is pretty impressive. Another skimmer I've heard good things about but don't happen to have any personally experience with is the CPR Bak Pak.


You kidding me or what?
Ive had the aquaC remora, and the corallife superskimmer CSS65, and the CSS65 is much much better than the remora, and much much quieter too. That gets my vote.

good luck, Mike


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Before I bought my Remora one problem for me was the noise reviews, they were all over the place, some said loud some said quiet. I've been pleasently surprised with mine, I can't hear it over the light fan or the mini-power filter. And even with the lights off it's barely noticeable. It's in my living room so it's not like it's hidden around the corner.

That is one thing to be aware of with the Remoras, some are louder than others...


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If you can wait a little longer, Deltec is comming out with a nano hang on style skimmer. There are pics of it in the Deltec forum.


You kidding me or what?
So the coralife outperforms the aqua c or its just quieter?

Both...The aquaC did a decent job, but the CSS65 kicked its but, pulling out some of the blackest skimmate, even better than my euro-reef in my bigger tank. plus, it was much quieter, almost silent. where as the aquaC was super loud. Im not trying to start a flame war, just giving my opinion from using both, and the best part is the CSS65 was about 1/2 the price.:)

good luck, Mike