The humming of the pumps.


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It's driving my downstairs neighbour nuts so I went down there and she actually has a valid point.

I've got 5 pumps running.
1 Eheim for the return seen hanging on a tube and not touching anything.
1 Eheim for the skimmer.
2 Tunze for the circulation in the main tank.
1 Eheim for the Calcium reactor that's missing in the photo.

The strange thing it's been running without changes for years and then something makes it louder downstairs only since I didn't notice any change at all.

I went down there and listend and then turned of the pumps in sequence. The return pump is the main culprit, but the other pumps are adding to the noise as well.

I've been trying various pads ender the plastic container you see in the picture witout any noticeable difference. I also bought a new rotor for the return pump.

It just seem that the low frequency hum is slipping through the concretw like it isn't there.