The role of certain elements in reef aquariums

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Recently I have been doing some research through various articles about the role each element plays in our aquariums. I have also looked at the concentrations of certain elements in NSW and have not been able to find any articles as to their importance (if any) to ocean life. I'm refering to elements like Lithium, Rubidium, and Argon which all seem to be at reletively higher concentrations, and even more trace elements like Cadmium (since it's supposedly toxic at higher concentrations). If anyone has any links to websites, articles (scientific or otherwise) or just generally knows about these elements I'd be interested in whatever bit of information you could give.Thanks.
Lithium has little if any normal biological use. Argon has none. Rubidium probably has little to none.

The issue with some trace elements is that they might be incorporated into enzymes, but could be in few organisms, or might be widespread.

I don't have any links handy, but I can use database software to search an individual ion that might be of interest.
Thanks Randy, I would appreciate that.
It's not really of grave importance. I was just researching different elements and compounds to culminate a list of the different role each plays in the aquarium for where I work (so then all the employees would have a place to look to see why someone might dose potassium and what all the Salifert kits are needed for, etc.), and I started getting into reading the different articles that you actually listed (and some of which you wrote) here on RC. I wanted to look further into it because I started to find it pretty interesting.
I kinda figured that most of them have little to no role, or at least not any that we know about, but I figured I'd ask cause before I read the article I would have never of thought that something like Bromide did much of anything haha. Thanks again.