the unthinkable has happned..


gotta love saltwater.....
I lost my current position with the company i work for today, i will know what the future holds on Monday AM. but i have to think its not good at all , at this point i have zero choice but to cancel my Fragswapper
orders with every one that i ordered from , and im not very happy about it , but i have a house to pay for . i will still be at the swap to help out with the swap in any way i can, sorry fragswappers for any inconvenience this will cause , not what the plan was by any means


could have one hell of a 200 gal up for sale in the future ,,,,, ill keep you posted if i do decide to down size tanks
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That truly sucks. This is a tough economy and it is slowly taking a toll on everyone.

I work for the auto industry and we are really on edge.

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i had a head hunter try to covinve me to leave my job and go to a 90% automotive factory. told him he was nutz. sorry to hear that murph


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Man, I am really sorry to hear that Murph. I would hope that anyone with a prearranged deal will completely understand.

Seems to be a recurring theme everywhere. We just had a massive layoff (20+%) 3 weeks ago.

Hang in there.


gotta love saltwater.....
i hope the fragswappers understand , there are more important things than my tank,,, i already had the spots picked out for the frags ,,so be it ,,, i did sorta see this coming though , just didnt know it was Monday..i did keep a few though !!! just not the 260 dollars worth i had picked out , i have to much respect for the wife and kids to spend that right now ,,,, but i sure kept a few select ones !! still looking forward to the swap big time

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No one worth caring about would balk at you taking care of your family first.
We lost several teachers last Friday including a kid I mentor. Things have just got to get better soon!! You know all our thoughts are with you!!


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14755472#post14755472 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Briney Dave
No one worth caring about would balk at you taking care of your family first.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Absolutely family first!! Sorry to hear about that :(


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Sorry to hear that:( I completely understand your cancellation. Hopefully you don't have to shut your tank down. I shut my 75 down when I was pregnant and regret it all the time.


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I feel you. I got laid off 2 weeks before Xmas.
It's tough times. My old co just shut down a whole location last friday in Chicago and had everyone company wide take a pay cut. Sucks that I got my sister in after i was there a few years and they kept her. But she has a family too and I'm glad she still has a job.
I figure there has to be something better for me out there. Now I just have to find it. But it is nice to sleep in every now & then. LOL

Some how we will all find a way to pull thru and look back at this time and know we did our best.
My thoughts are with you and your family.