Think I saw the first hard evidence


Big and Evil
found my large emerald green mithrax crab torn up this morning. one arm here, the other a few inches away, and its body in peices a few inches from them in the rocks. the thing is my larger spider/ decorator crab was very near the body, maybe eating it but couldnt tell(it was in the rocks). could a large spider/decerator crab kill and eat a large mithrax crab? the spider crab is like 5 times the size of the mithrax.....or do I have a matis.
The spider crab couldn't possibly shred the mithrax crab, they are not that strong (though they are big)

Sounds like a Mantis.
never heard any clicking or anything but Ive seen lots of dead snails. my shrimp have always been fine.....maybe it just got big enough to get mean? I need it out I guess. gonna have to do some research.