Thinking About a Sea Cucumber


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I wanted to get a Pink Sea Cucumber and maybe a Yellow Cucumber too and was wondering what special care needs are required for them. Heres a list of inverts and fish in my tank:

-3 Ocelaris Clowns
-1 Diamond Watchman Goby
-2 Bangaii Cardinalfish
-1 Green Chromis
-I plan to get a Green Clown Goby and a Midas Blenny

-2 Haitin Reef Anemone
-1 Bubble Tipped Anemone
-2 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, and I might get more
-2 Peppermint Shrimp
-Anemone Crab
-Coral Banded Shrimp
-2 Emerald Crabs
-About 6 mini Hermit Crabs
-1 Serpnet Star and I will probably be getting more
-I will get an anemone shrimp if I come across one, and a Fire Shrimp too

I have a 46 gallon tank with T-5 lighting and a power 2 Koralia pump. I also read that they can release toxins when threatened. How bad is it? Enough to kill everything in a tank? Would the above fish and inverts harm it to do so?


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The only cucumber i know of that won't nuke a tank when it dies is a tiger tail. I'd avoid all others and even if you get a tiger tail make sure you have a good cleanup crew.



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I had a wonderful setup and added a cuc. It got stuck on a powerhead at night. The next morning everything was dead in tank. It was the best setup I had ever had. Think twice before you make the same mistake.