Thinking of Switching from 14K to 20K


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Hi everyone,

I used to have 10K hamilton double ended bulbs which were too yellow for me, so I got 14K Ushio's, which at first I loved, but even those I've come not to like. The color is just white, and that's w/ my VHO actinics turned on.

I love the color when only my VHO actinics are on and hence would like to go to 20K bulbs.

Would that be ok to have 20K bulbs and VHO actinics? What are the negative things about having such high K rated bulbs? and at last, what's the most recommended 20K bulb to use? I have hamilton ballast and bulbs are 3x250 watters.

Thank You
did u look at the post on this site by mhurley on mh lamps, u can see some of the bulbs and colors there. the disadvantage of going with the 20k would be a decrease in coral growth and you may not even need to use the actinic light supplementing because the color will be similar
when you guys say decrease in coral growth, does it mean it'll start to die, or it just won't grow as fast, but will still be a healthy coral? I rather go w/ looks than growth as long as I know it's a healthy coral, just a slow growing coral.

I love the color of my actinics just on, so I think I'll love the 20K's.

You just can't get that nice fluorescent glow and color from the whiter colors.
The SPS look nicer under the actinics