To Cameron's (Physh1) tank of the month JULY


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Hi I am amazed by your tank....its the best small tank I've seen in a long time!!!
I want to ask you a few questions regarding your setup because I am setting up a 55 gal. 36" long tank soon and the setup you have for your tank is exactly what I was thinking(searched for a long time and can't find a perfect setup for me until I see yours)...
Can I use your idea to set up my new tank???
Please, if you can help me, I have a few questions that I would like to ask:

1.from the picture of the tank and sump, you have only 1 hole for overflow to the sump, why you have 2 connectors for the hoses going into the sump???what is the other one for???
2.can you explain more detail about how you return the water back to the main tank??? as well as water from the overflow to sump.
3.for your make up water tank, where do you put the flow switch at?(i donno anything about this, I would LOVE to know how it works cuz i really need to have a auto top off :) how do you connect the small pump so it doesn't over pump water or empty the water container???

I would love to set up my tank using your idea if you let me...its so perfect for tight budget people like me .......thank you in advance for your suggestions!!!!!!!