Too many mushrooms


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what is a good way to thin out mushroom anemonies?
i have Aptasia-X and Joes juice but thats a little mean
I dont want to get rid of the rock or upheave my tank


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I would recommend pulling them off and passing them on to fellow local reefers who are just getting started and looking for some hardy corals.


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You could make some easy cash with that. Put some reef ruble in a corner of your tank that gets the least amount of flow, start taking shrooms and throwing them in that corner. Now you have a small frag farm. $5 bucks a piece sell 20 and now you just made $100


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Decapitate the shrooms and nuke their bases with kalk paste. Then I would crazy glue gel the heads to shell/plugs and sell them to your LFS.


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I couldn't get the superglue gel to hold to any shrooms- too slimy I think.

Or maybe I did it wrong.