Too much branching hammer. What should I do with all of it???


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I had a very large 1ft+ ball of branching hammer. During a routine clean it got bumped and broke into multiple pieces. Is there a place I can sell, trade or give away my excess? I'm in Scottsdale, AZ.


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But seriously...just post a add on craigslist or on reef central in your area for cheap frags...sells fast..and you make a few bucks for your tanks needs.


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sounds like a good problem to have! heres a silly question, what about the lfs you shop at? I know with the internet I buy a sugar load of stuff there on varying vendors, but still always loved the trips to lfs. So if you got one near ya, call them up and bring some samples in, sure u could get trades or credit for food or whatever u need to help combat ur costs for supplies?!