Torch Coral?


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I've had a Torch Coral for about four months. It has about six heads and it's about six/seven inches in diameter. Tonight, two of the heads shrivled up and turned a really light green(normally dark green). It really looked dead. There was other areas that were turning the same light colored green, but did not shrivle up. I was getting my dremel ready to cut off the dead areas. But, by the time I set everything up, the coral was back to normal:confused: .

Anyone know what would cause this to happen?

The only thing out of the normal is, I fed it a combo of mysis and bloodworms yesterday and today. I'm wondering if the bloodworms had anything to do with it of was it coincidence. Usually, I just feed it mysis once a week.

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This is normal for most LPS's and anemones. They shrink up to exchange the water in their tissue and to use the restroom. It depends on the animal and how much it ate, but a day or two after feeding they will do this. They may stay like this for several hours. It is nothing to get allarmed about. If it stayed like this for a long time then I would start to worry. My wife has so many Lps's and anemones in her tank that any time you look at it someone in there is going to be shrunk up. They shortly come right back. The trick is to get to know your coral, and you will in time. Eventually you will be able to tell if its just using the restroom or something is bothering it. Good luck.


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No need to worry like elegance coral said they do that. I have a huge Torch with 8 heads and they will look dead and shriveled like that once in awhile but within a short period of time come right back. Kind of gets you nervous the first time :) My smaller 3 head does it also but not as much.