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Bit of confusion here with reactor settings, after going thru reactor calculator, i became more confused about reactor then ever before, but its been 6 months of messing and still cant get it right , so please someone help me, ill even pay ya lol

ok our dkh has bounced from 7-18 dkh over past 6 months trying to adjust this thing. now for the past 3-4 days alk was steady at 11.2 dkh and then droped today to 10.6 dkh with no diference in the reactor setting, so we do effluent test , alk coming out of reactor is 40 dkh? 14.2 meq/l effluent flow, if this was the case wouldnt the alk shoot thru the roof in the tank? but instead it dropped .6? no i read the calculator, this part confuses me

Increasing the Effluent Alkalinity: For a given flow, the effluent alkalinity can be increased by increasing the amount of CO2 added thus lowering the effluent's PH. The limit will be achieved when the PH has reached it's minimum (about 6.3 to 6.5). The maximum alkalinity achievable seems to have a limit of about 34 to 35 dKH. Note that if the required Alkalinity needed to match the consumption is above 35 dKh, the calculator will indicate an "Over the Limit" condition.

Increasing the Flow: When increasing the effluent flow, the effluent alkalinity will tend to drop and this will be reflected by a drop in the effluent's PH. To return alkalinity to the level previous to the flow adjustment, you will need to also increase the amount of CO2 being added until the PH (and as a result the effluent Alkalinity) has reached it's previous level. Flow reductions will require reduction in CO2 addition to keep the effluent Alkalinity constant

now its saying by increasing the flow rate that this will drop alk which is true, but at the same time its saying by increasing flow rate your effluent ph will drop as well? cant be, by increasing flow rate your ph rises on the efluent, it doesnt drop.

if theres anyone and i mean anyone out there that is using a reactor, please chime in

thats the link to the calculator

when i put in the numbers its telling me my meq/l out of effluent should be 4.72 when right now and past 10 days its been 14.2, 3 times what they saying and tank alk dropping, does not make sense one bit
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please ignore thread, as i was a bit misleading , with a bit of misunderstanding on my part, it doesnt seem i have a problem after all, after doing a few test alk is stable still in tank, we just need to bump calcium up manually a bit.

sorry ladies and gents