Tunze 6201

Roy G. Biv

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I am looking to revamp the flow in my tank. Last week I bought a maxijet mod from a tank breakdown. The guy said that it puts out 2000 gph. This is where I have a dilema. I cant put that thing less than 9" from the top of the water without a vortex of air coming down from the surface.

My goal is to have (2) 6201s on a wave maker. (660 to 3,170 gph) How far down from the surface do these things need to be to not suck down air. These are going in a 210g tank.



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Pmolan - you can get Tunzes pretty high up. The top of my Tunze magnet is at the water level in my tank.

Side note - are you buying 6201's or 6101's? The 660-3170gph is the 6101 rating.


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I had the same problem with a flow accelerator on my return. What I did was make a little shield that sits just above the top part of the intake screen out of half of a lid to a can of black spray paint. It worked perfectly and looks good too.