Tunze skimmer


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Just receive my new tunze skimmer model 9002 for nano tanks.When it started to operate it made a lot of noise.The nano tank is 120lt.The noise produced by the skimmer is similar to a dish washing machine and it is unbearable.I read in other topics of the forum that it suppose to be one of the most silent ones but it isn't. My questions are
1. Is it going to improve with time
2. If not can i operate it 12 hours a day when we sleep or out of the house
3. Can it be replaced with something else like carbon or more frequent water changes.


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Yes it will improve with time as it breaks in, also if you havnt done so already look into the air-line mod. Yes you can turn it off while you sleep, but honestly once it breaks in it shouldnt be loud enough to disrupt your sleep. I have the same skimmer and the tank is in my bedroom. And of course you dont need a skimmer if you keep up on your water changes. How long has your tank been setup and how much of a bioload do you have?


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As mentioned, take a look into DIY air mufflers for the air intake. Also, if your stand doesn't have a back (many don't), you might consider making one out of foam insulating board, it'll definitely help with pump/skimmer noise.