Turbelle 6100 placement


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I am putting in a pair of Turbelle 6100 pumps controlled by a 7094 electronic controller. Should I install these pumps opposed to each other at opposite ends of the tank, or along the back wall of the tank pointing forward in opposite corners. Or is there a way to mount them into a corner of the tank pointing toward center/front?

Andrew, I have my Streams at opposite ends of the tank pointing towards each other. Since they are fairly new, the jury is out on whether this is the best set up from my tank.

However, the Tunze mounting brackets will allow you to mount them in the back corners and turn them to point at the front center of the tank or the opposite front corner.


You could mount them on the backwall and swivel them so they are aimed at the front center. I generally would place them on the ends and use tide mode at say 1hr intervals to switch from side to side. Or use wave mode and set Channel 1 at 30%/100% and channel 2 at 100%/30%.