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I am interested in the Turbelle 7410 powerhead. I have an acrylic tank, do you have a close up picture of the powerhead? What are the dimensions? What siezed diameter hole would I need to install this powerhead on top of my acrylic tank? Does this model pulse or would I need to also purchase the multicontroller? TIA
The powerhead is about the same size as a Hagen 802, the catalog gives the following dimensions 3.9" by 3.5", .98/.83" output diameter. It pumps a maximum of 1055gph at 44w 24V. The transformer, driver module, intake strainer, flow deflector and single controller are all included in the delivery. It is internal so it will not mount above your tank. I would probably advise using the included clamp mount but I have no real experience with acrylic. In Germany as well as in Texas acrylic is mostly a rarity as glass is cheap and readily available. They do pulse and a pulse control known as the Single controller is included with the 7410/2.
Thanks Roger, for some reason I thought they were top mounted like the Gemini pumps. Thanks for the info, I need to rethink now. :(
Perhaps you are thinking of the old turbelle classic 2002 and 4002, these are air cooled top mounted pumps. A 1.5" hole is what is needed to mount these pumps. They are still made and though the bearings maybe ruined by saltwater, they are electrically safe should they fall in, this is what really sets them apart, also the fact that all parts are available and they can be rebuilt indefinetely. The pumps are powerful and troublefree but do require periodic rebuilding with bearing replacement, the expected service life of a set of bearings is 3 years. Visit Tunze site at www.tunze.com, at this time only the 2002 is available in 115v, the 4002 should be available by year end.
Yeah, I think you are right. Do you know what is the GPH for the 4002? How often would the bearings need replacing and are they easy to get? What is a typical cost of replacing the bearings? Thanks, I think we are on the right track now. :D
The 4002 does 976gph. The bearings should last 3-5years, they are permanently lubricated. They will be ruined if they should get wet. Bearings are $20 a set. They can be a bit difficult to get as customs has many protective tariffs on bearings, we do our best to have them on hand. This is the one Tunze article that always comes up for intensive scrutiny when we order them and a lot of paperwork has to be filed.
Thanks for the info Roger. When they become available I am assuming they will be on your website? I would love to have one and maybe 2-3. The year is almost up, so I will check back and see if they are on the site. Do you happen to know how much they will sell for?

3-5 years isn't bad for th ebearings to last. Can't wait till they are in stock!
I hope to have them soon. They will cost $240 each. They do not pulse though without an optional driver system, The 708/2 or 7082/2.
I figured they would be in the $200+ range. I hate to ask how much the driver system is LOL. In your opinion, is the puleing action worth it and how controllable is it? I will be deifinitely buying one of them when you have them...so please let me know when they become available.
With one channel which can drive up to 3 pumps, $149, With 2 channels for up to 8 pumps $249. You can accurately dial in from 30% to 100% power and set the sequences of pump operation on the multichannel unit, you also have various pulse interval settings, a feed break of 5minutes by pushing a button and a night mode. So it is a very nice system, I will let you know when I get them.
The 4002 are now available and in stock, sorry I forgot about this thread. They arrived the first week in January, I have a couple left.
Great! Email me with my discount information and we are all set! :D

Seriously....do you have a picture of one? What is the price?
They are $249 each, they include the intake strainer and flow deflector. The Tunze website is www.tunze.com, they are identical to the 2002 except they contain a larger motor.
Sorry to be a pain, but is the output and input line green transluscent? That is what is shown on the tunze site.
Its transparent green, alot like the rigid pipes on an Eheim or old Tetra sponge filter.
Andy Hipkiss here in the UK is the Tunze pump man ;) You can see a rather old picture on his site which shows the inlet strainers and how they look intank. At the back of the tank were the internal 7410 pumps and at the front with the strainers just protruding are the 4002's. He has since added a few more to his collection and is running 5 or 6 Tunze pumps I beleive on the main tank - oh and another one to mix his saltwater :D

I just recently purchased a 7410 and have the following comments:

First, the pump actually wasn't as big as I thought it would be. The pump unit itself is bigger than a maxijet 1200 (my guess is 50% bigger) but when you look at the output it is quite reasonably sized. The strainer makes the unit long but it seems like it will get covered with coraline real quick.

Second, you need to think about how you are going to mount it. It comes with, IMHO, not enough hardware to mount the thing properly. I don't know how you are going to use it, but the odds are you will have to DIY a mounting bracket or order more hardware. Either one of these options suck considering that you just spent $250 on a powerhead.

Overall I am happy with the pump. I am frustrated with the mounting options and getting nickel and dimed on the hardware. Why sell a pump for $250 and charge $7 for a suction cup bracket. Look at all the accessories that come with $20 powerheads (Maxijet and even Rio).

Let me know if you need any further information.
Thanks for the post! I actualy have an acrylic tank, so i wanted to just drill a hole in the top and let the unit sit on top of the tank. I had the SWR powerheads and had them setup this way. They died a nasty quick death and were a waaste of about $50 each. They only lasted 7 months with a 6 month warranty. :rolleyes: So I may not need any additional HW, but I agree on the nickel and diming.

Oops just re-read your post. I have change my mind and am going to get the 4002 instead of the 7410, since I don't want a PH hanging in my tank.

Are you pleased with the output though? The 4002 and the 7410 are similar GPH. Thanks!