Turbelle stream kit


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What I am thinking of getting is a Turbelle stream kit 24000l/h for my 180 gallon reef, right now I have 4 maxijet 1200s on my tank with an ampmaster 3000 on a closed loop. Do you feel I could remove all this and just have to two turbelle pumps and have the same or more current.
I think it would be a definite increase in current. The Maxi Jets are good pumps but the flow jet is so narrow it affect a very small area. The Dolphin on closed loop is producing the same flow as one Stream. The electronic controls of this pump set will enable you to pulse and alternate the pumps as desired.
I have two Stream 6100's with the multichannel wavemaker and you'll now only get superb flow, but save on electricity, heat and noise, as these pumps are completely silent.
Thanks for the replies, my wife is very happy to get rid of the ampmaster as it sits in the open and the pipes are out where you can see them, so the money is not an issue. plus to get to go down to only two pumps with the option of going 4 if needed, sounds great to me. I am on Champion lighting's website right now, will be ordering them today or tomorrow.
I justed ordered the kit from champion, so I am not sure when I will get them as there site says late feb. I look forward to setting them up and removing the other pumps. DT's reef you have pictures of them in your tank
ok just cancelled that order and ordered them from PA, Jason has them for a better deal, he is just waiting on the controller to get instock