Turbelle Stream size suggestion


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From the looks of it most people put these in larger tanks. I have a 55 gal tub 36Lx18W. It is set up for sps and I'd like more current. I just moved and removed the sand bed. I have a bare bottom tank so will not have sand issues. would the Turbelle Stream 6060 be too much for the tank? I have 3 maxi jet 1200's and a mag7.5 for return from the sump split by a SQWD. I still think i need more current and could remove a maxi jet or two. What do you suggest.

Without a DSB I'd go with the 6100? Like most of us you're bound to get a bigger tank sooner than later right?

However, I think a pair of the 6000 would work just fine.
No tank in the future for me. I'm going to set up an aggressive 125 that i have but no other reef tank. That tank is going to have a closed loop running for circulation. This 55 is going to be the biggest i go for at least 5 years for the Acro/Clam tank. Those others seem like a lot of current to me. Remember the tank is only 36" long and 18" wide with something like 18 deep.
You could use a 6000. If you have to get a Stream this would be your best bet, it is controllable and I have used one in a 58gallon Oceanic. I generally would advise a 7300/2 instead. I will be out for the rest of the weekend at the Aquatic Gardeners Convention.