Turning a grotech hea150 into a needle wheel


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I just purchased a grotech hea 150 and I was wondering if it would be possible to turn this skimmer into a needle wheel skimmer either by purchasing a needle impellar for the ehiem 1250 it came with or by buying one of the sedra needlewheels from asmskimmer.com any thoughts would be greatly apreaciated.
I guess it's possible. I have to ask, however, if you got the Grotech new or used. I ask because a new one runs $600. For that amount, you could get the H&S A-150 F2001 ($50 more). Can you return it?

Assuming you got it used or cheap, it may be possible to modify it. What size tank are you using it on? Although not a needle wheel, the Grotech is supposed to be fairly efficient, so you may not need to upgrade it.

As far as I know, there isn't a needlewheel for the Eheim 1250. The most comparable would be buying a replacement H&S Aquabee 2001 (w/ induction assembly) from Finsreef. The Sedras are cheaper, but are also louder, hotter, and don't pull as much air.
I got a great deal on used one so that I why I am considering it...Its only going on a 58 with about a 15 gal sump but I plan on a high bioload (lots of fish) and would like to keep as high as water quality as possible.
So assuming I bought either an aquabee or a sedra could I just replace the stock ehiem with the one of those and add a gate valve to the outlet for tuning?? Would it be that simple??
Not sure you'll need a valve. The Grotech may have an arrangement similar to the H&S for level control. Take a look when you get it.

Personally, I think the 150 would be plenty for your system without modifying it. If you want to change the pump, just make sure that the flowrate of the replacement pump and the stock 1250 are comparable. Otherwise, turbulence in the skimmer may get to high and hurt performance. Also be aware that the fittings are going to be metric, so you'll need to find an online source for metric PVC.