Tweeking my Sump Refugium


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I made my own Sump/Refugium. It's a 10 Gallon Tank w/Baffles and a refugium.

I have a Hurricane Overflow rated at 600GPH and an Eheim 1250 Return pump. I also have a Coralife Super Skimmer 65 in the sump as well.

The issue is my understanding of what I am seeing. The overflow seems to be working great. I have shut off the system a couple times to test the restart abilities and it works like it is supposed to.

However, I want to understand what I am seeing in the sump part of the system. The first chamber is where the overflow comes down. In this chamber is the skimmer. Then it goes through a bubble baffle system of three baffles into the Refugium section. Then it goes through a grate system into the return section.

The issue is that the first chamber the water level is constant, it doesn't go up or down. The refugium/return section slowly lowers over time. At first I thought I needed to dial back my pump via a ball valve. But now I am wondering if this is the natural evap off of the system lowering it slowly.

Thoughts as to this?


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Not sure if evaporation, how long does it take for it to go down. I just set up a new fuge and I have to control the in and out with ball valves. I have a life reef overflow into a 30 gal custom acrylic( very similar to your setup), Octopus 150 and a Mag 7. I have to limit the mag quite a bit. Also check and make sure your overflow is level. If my u tube is not level, the outer chamber continues to completely drain and not stay constant. Good luck