ugh disaster!!!


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tank Glass Broke I Have Another Tank If I Transfer Most Of Water To It Do I Still Need To Cycle The New Tank Before Putting Livestock In It???


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If you move the rock and water from the busted tank you should bed to go. be cautious on transferring the sand though as it can cause a huge spike in ammonia. Recommend reusing the rock and water, but go with new sand or no sand.


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It is the rock and sand that contains the bacteria that makes a tank cycled. The more "old" water you can use the better, but you could use brand new water and not experience a new cycle. Watch the sand as Seth above can house a lot of waste that can be disturbed.

How did the tank break? It would be important to be sure it is not a stand issue....


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old breeder Tank Found On Craigslist,Bottom Started Leaking while I Was at Work If Not For My Awsome Wife All Would Have Been Lost Along With The New Floor.The Stand Was A Old Metal Frame Havent Had Chance To TalK To Wife To Find Out Were It Was Leaking From Exactly
Here's A ThOught,What IF I KeeP Sand Seperate And Run Skimmer That Should Take Care Of ammonia?


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I recently upgraded from a 60g cube to a standard 120. The 60 had been up since 1992. I used all the old sand with no problem at all, but I rinsed it all very well using the old tanks water to clean out the crud. (and there was LOTS of crud) That allowed me to keep the beneficial bacteria and other fauna of the sandbed relatively intact. I did not use any old water at all in the new system - I just made sure the salinity and other parameters were as close to the old tank as possible. Not a single loss.