Update, bit the bullet


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After long consideration and internal debate over setting up a Quarantine Tank versus not doing so (like the vast majority of tank owners), I decided to do it. I set it up, my water parameters in both my DT and my QT are perfect, according to my tests and results from 2 LFS.

In the end, I drew on my past experience with different hobbies. As a (non-current) pilot, I knew that some do not perform thorough walk-around preflight checks. I always did. Didn't want to run out of gas midair.

In photography, I knew I could use auto for everything on my camera, but wanted to learn how to use it so I did my research. The difference in shots is huge.

In beer drinking, I knew I could just drink horse urine, like every other person on the planet, or I could find what I truly like... a dark, smoky, thick stout. It's just what floats my boat.

That being said, I don't like settling for subpar results, if they can be avoided. I'm new to reefing. After the stories I read here, I decided not to take the short cut. I will admit to being tempted after the guy at my LFS said he has a 75G, named all the fish in it, and said he's never had a quarantine tank nor has had any problems. His final words were, "I live dangerously." Hmmmm, I don't. Decision finalized.

So, I have my QT tank set up. The result is, I feel good about it. Ultimately, that's what I want from my tank(s), to feel good about them. If correcting problems is what it all becomes about, it's going to turn into a chore for me. Not my goal at all. Just wanted to share how I came to my conclusion for those newbies who are weighing it around in their heads.




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You are starting of on the right foot by using a QT for all fish. You will be glad you done this down the road when you see other Newbie's post threads like. I should have listened and QT'ed my fish, now I have ich in my DT. How can I catch them with all the live rock in there?:facepalm:


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LOL!!! I vehemently deny that I drink horse urine!!!!!

Congrats on a great approach. However, you are not done yet with controversy. :D You do know that Ich can exist sight unseen, and be present in apparently healthy fish, right? So it is possible to still introduce Ich in your tank despite weeks of "observation" in QT. You need to decide whether to prophylactically treat new fish or not due to this possibility. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, it is more a personal choice. I prophylactically treat with mine, and you have to decide whether it's worth it or not for you. Happy reefing!!!


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lol, Palting, I'm still on the fence on that one. Nooooo, not another decision.. must.have.more.beer.

I just don't want to possibly kill my clowns by treating them. Anybody know the under/over for doing this? Is hypo a less dangerous way to go?


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Great looking QT........be sure and take a picture when they make it to their new home!

How's the new rodi unit working out. I almost pulled the trigger on it, and now I fear it's too late....don't see that special anymore


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Check out the Tank Transfer threads - I just finished that with my first QT fish, a neon goby and a pink bar goby. Super easy. Hard to mess up. Easier on the fish than copper. Basically, just switching the fish tank to tank, for 2 weeks, at proper times so that ich is left behind during each transfer. Requires a 5g bucket or a second tank, another piece of PVC, a powerhead / airstone, and another mini heater (or consistent temp).