Upgrading Lights


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I have a 36 gallon bowfront tank that I want to upgrade. I currently have the Current Marine IC Pro lights (I know). I had decided on them after doing a bunch of research this spring. They were in my price range, and PAR ratings looked okay for softies and LPS.

I had been in the hobby about 10-15 years ago, and came back into the hobby knowing very little about LEDs. It had all been metal halides back then.

I'm unhappy with the Current lights. My corals are growing well, but the light is too white (even when I knock the settings down). There also is minimal shimmer.

That being said, I'm made the expensive mistake and just should have started right from the start.

I'm eyeing the Kessils. Do I need two A360s for my size tank? Are there other lights I should be considering?

Part of me just wants to go back to metal halide, the other part realizes I need to step into the present.


Personally I would think about going T5/LED hybrid route such as Noopsyche. If you can wait until black friday, there will probably be some good sales. Also take a look at reefbreeder. I'm using their photon with 2 led bars over my 75 and like it.