Using a UPS for pumps


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I am trying to find out a way to keep the return pump and heater on in case of a power outage, but still maintain control through the AC3 during normal operations.

I saw someone here had put a "reverse socket expansion," but was wondering what other people did as well.




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i have my ACIII along with the main pump plugged into the UPS
i don't have my main pump in the DC8 since all things on the DC8 would be powered. i am sure there must be a way to program a code for this but i like to keep things simple


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You could have the AquaController and the direct connect box plugged into a UPS. When the AquaController detects the power outage, it will shut down non critical equipment. To shut down the lights for example you would use:

If Time > 8:00 Then LT1 ON
If Time > 20:00 Then LT1 OFF
If Power 001 Then LT1 OFF

You'll need a second AC adapter for the AquaController so that it can sense that power has failed.



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Thanks for the quick reply. Any other way? The UPS I have has a built load detector. If it thinks the load is too much for the battery backup, a tone buzzes until some of the load is removed. Obvioulsy in an outage, I would only have the AC3, pump, heater and wireless game adapter hooked up. I am not sure of the exact model, but it is an APC model, like a 750VA or thereabouts.

I just got it and would hate to have to buy a bigger one just for this..

Again, all input is appreciated.


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it is an APC model, like a 750VA or thereabouts.

That's a little UPS, your probably not going to get much runtime out of it as is with just your pump. Since your pump is an always on type device, I wouldn't bother trying even controlling it with the AC3 just hook it directly to the UPS. Also depending on the wattage draw of your return, may want to look at just powering a small circulation pump. For sure skip the heater, O2 depletion will kill your tank long before the heat does and your reserve capacity is very limiting.

Also, don't forget you need a UPS on the cable/dsl modem side as well to be sure you can get notified when a power outage occurs.
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I think you're right. I have the UPS (also on the router) mostly for the e-mail alerts, that way I will know immediately if the power goes out and can head home or have someone check on things.

I originally thought about the heater and pump, then thought I would just have a small powerhead which breaks the surface of the water hooked up to the UPS. I would still like to have control of the pump by the AC3, if at all possible, though.