UV Sterlization


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I need to add uv sterilization to my system. It's a large application around 2,000 gallons and I was considering an Aqua Viper UV or an Empire UV. For this size the Aqua UV is much cheaper, but it uses only one lamp. Does anybody have feedback on either one of these? Is there another manufacturer I should check out?

I'm not using it for fish, but for coral propagation. I realize it's not a crucial element for what I'm doing, but I'm tired of cleaning off algae every other day. Also, I see a white film forming on top of the refugium. I'm thinking it might be excess bacterial growth.


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My phosphates are at .002. Is there another parameter that effects algae growth? It's a relatively new system, about 5 months, but it only takes a few days for the algae to really start accumulating.
Limiting phosphate is probably one of the most effective means of reducing algae populations.

Algae can use the phosphate that is released into your water column very quickly which results in large populations. This will give you low readings.

Removing the algae will export the phosphate. Algae cells will die and if not exported will release the phosphate back into your water column. Other organic matter introduced as food or fish excrement will brake down and release more phosphate into your water column which feeds more algae growth. If your rock and sand have been in high phosphate environment, it may take several months to get it out using a product like GFO. This cycle will continue until conditions are changed to where bacteria are used to export the phosphate instead of algae.


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plants, in this case algae also absorb nitrates for growth. what are your levels? adding a u.v. will have little to no effect on algae growing on your glass or rock sterilizers are only able to kill free-floating organisms in the water column.