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Sucks to hear that you might need to treat your gigantea again. I remember seeing it on your other posts. It's a beauty! If the clowns are beating up on it, you'll see tentacles shortening, balding. Is it inflating/deflating? I do have cipro too, but it expired in April 2021. (I last used it in September, and it worked ok if you want to make the drive to LA--not sure who's closer to you, minus or myself!)

Thanks for the offer Jamie! I'll let you know if I decide to treat.

I was keeping an eye on the anemone and it seemed to be recovering very well so I actually never treated it. It's tucked so deeply in it's rock that I'm struggling to really see what it's mouth is doing. It stay pretty tight for the most part, it does seem to get a little smaller towards night. From what I can see the mouth is closed and I haven't seen it gape or puke up anything. I see my clowns bring food down to it but it's hard to make out if it does much with it.

I do feel like overall it's about 75% the size of when I brought it home and the tentacles are much more retracted than it was. Color is about the same, a little more neon. It literally reflects neon yellow/green out of its hole which is a trip. I can see it on the rock work. I do worry that it's just been bleached this whole time. I'll get a picture and post it so maybe more experienced eyes can give me some input on it.

The female clown has grown so rapidly shes about the size of the gig now. She rests in the hole at night but I dont see any dive bombing that I've read a hosted clown will do with a sick anemone?


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Here are a few pictures of what's left.

Here are a few pictures of what's left. I needed to transfer my last kessil over from my frag tank to the new tank so these are back in the display. Color looked great under the kessils but but now that they are back in the mh is clear they aren't quite as nicely colored as the main tank, but still very healthy! Some were cut over a month ago, others were cut last week.
They are on regular (1/2"?) frag plugs. Group shot for height indicator

Needle polyp $15 cut last week

Aussie highlighter type that gets nice baby blue branches. Fully healed, starting to encrust $20

TGC Orange Creamsicle $25 cut last week

CornBred's Maleficent fully healed. $70

Fox flame not quite as red as the colony and pretty small, maybe 3/4" cut last month and healed. $15 (2@that price)
Red on Red. Very cool piece. Most I've sold it to were very happy with the coloration. Cut last week $15
larger #2 @ $20
Failed to upload but a good amount bigger. Both were cut last week

I'll be around this weekend though. I can always do fresh cuts from any of the above in this thread as well.