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New to the hobby. Yesterday I put in my 2nd shipment of premium rock from TBS I had bought there Package With that came 20 hermit crabs and 20 snails. The crabs moved a lot yesterday and I hope are just hiding now because I am not able to find many just a few who are doing much today. The snails have not done anything. I know from reading that they can sleep for some time.
Tested Ph Good Nitrates around 7 Ammonia 3

Just did a water change of 5ga My tank is a 40 Hoping it helps Also if anyone could identify what is on the rocks since I am very new to this it would be great

Thanks Mike


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Personally have no experience with TBS, but have heard wonderful things about them over the years. The fact that their rock is shipped in water via air freight should reduce any cycle.

That said, hopefully @liverock or TBS will chime in here.
They also dont like quick salinity changes

If they are dead remove them

If they are alive they should be firmly attached to something

If they are dead or dying they won’t attach, they won’t be very responsive if you touch them n when they are really dead the smell Might kill you!
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Agreeing that snails won’t like the ammonia. That being said, it should hopefully disipate quickly with live rock. I’d give them 2-3 days to acclimate and see if they’ll come out. As for the hermits, they’re likely in and among the rock.

For ID’s I can’t help but give generic macro algae’s and sponges and looks like the white thing may be a bivalve of some sort.
That's beautiful rock. Many sponges means it's quite mature.

Common algaes I recognize:

Caulerpa taxifolia


Caulerpa prolifera

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there's also some Rhodophyta (red algae) but I don't know them well.

Overall it's very nice rock and you should be pleased. What is your ammonia at now and how are your livestock additions?
Sustained ammonia of 1ppm is toxic to just about everything so I wouldn't add anything else until your tank is fully cycled and ammonia is zero. If all the snails and crabs got wiped out it will take a little longer since they will add to said ammonia. The fact you are measuring nitrates means all the required bacteria are present, they just need to number up. How long has this tank been running and what are you using to measure ammonia?
3 weeks first live and base live rock. Premium liver rock 4 days. Api test kit
I don't use API test kits but I've read about lots of false positives with their ammonia kit. Adding some Brightwell microbacter 7 could help straighten out your levels more quickly. There is also Seachem Prime that can supposedly bind ammonia but there seems to be some argument about wether it really works or not.
On it's way. Thanks for the help. Can't believe I already killed stuff😔
It happens to the best of us. There's tons of information on these forums that can help you with your choices. Don't get discouraged, it'll all come together. :)
It happens to the best of us. There's tons of information on these forums that can help you with your choices. Don't get discouraged, it'll all come together. :)
What my friend Kharma said. Stuff happens in this hobby. Many years ago, I had a circuit breaker trip on Father’s Day early. Didn’t realize it until that night. I ended up filling a 30 gallon trash can with acropora skeletons. Some of those colonies were 5-10 years old and despite fragging, we’re larger than a basketball. But, I’m still chugging along in the hobby.