Viparspectra power failure behavior?

Kevin Guthrie

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Considering changing my 90g reef from a 400w MH with light rail to three 165w LED fixtures. I switched my exile tank over a year ago to a Mars Aqua and like the colors, and the separate cords for white/blue channels (I "ramp" by extending the blue time longer than the white). I use mechanical timers, which means if there is a power failure they resume turning on every day but the timing is off by however long the power was out - no big deal.

I see the Viparspectra have built-in timers. Can someone describe how these behave when the power comes back on? Examples:
Battery backup, time is correct and schedule resumes
Time is off but schedule resumes, same as mechanical
Schedule is lost and lights stay on
Schedule is lost and lights stay off



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I use the marsaqua 165s too but the timer I use is a digital version that has a backup battery so that if the power goes it doesn't mess up the timing settings that i've made. I don't know anything about the viparspectra, sorry.

Kevin Guthrie

New member
Thanks. I have the marsaqua on two timers. My digital timers' lcds went fubar (faded up beyond all recognition) after three or four years. I'll probably go with Marsaquas and two or three timers. I tried the Marsaqua over my 90 and two of them will not be as bright, but three won't fit unless I mount one front to back. Still thinking of ordering three though.