Vodka method to fight diatoms?


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Hey guys, I've been fighting a diatom issue for a couple weeks now and I know the root of the issue is that fact that I use tap water rather than RO/DI water. I am currently trying to save the money needed to buy a rodi unit, but in the mean time, I have been doing a lot of reading on ways to successfully treat the issue. One of the methods I read was the vodka method, and based on what people have said it's a pretty successful way to go about things. The basic unit of measure I found was 1.2mL of vodka per 100 gallons of tank water. Well my issue is I only have a 30 gallon tank. So how do I go about reducing the math to suit my 30 gallon tank? I guess I'm having a brain fart, because normally I would be able to do the math no problem, but because it's a reef tank I'm being super cautious! I don't want to overdose and ruin everything I've put into it which brings to question, is this method even safe for inverts and corals?

Thanks for your help!


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If your new to carbon dosing like myself, I'd start with vinegar dosing as it is a bit more forgiving if you start to dose too much.