Wait for sand to put water In


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Hey all. I was wondering if I can get my water in my tank and get the salt mixed before putting my sand in. My sand is on back order and won't be here until another couple weeks. I didn't know if the sand would throw off anything. I just wanted go get the water the right temp and get the right water/salt mixture and get the testing process going



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Do you already have your live rock? If yes, then go for it, you can add the sand later. You can use a large funnel, a tube of some sort to pour sand into the tank, in order to prevent too much clouding.

Now, if gou don't have anything in your tank, I don't really see much point.


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Your base rock really needs to go down before the sand, or digging fish may cause a rockslide later. The best of the live rock can go atop. I recommend a white polystyrene 5 gal paint bucket from Lowes or HD, or a 32 gallon RUbbermaid Brute trash can for salt mixing, with a 1200 gph small submersible pump for mixing it.