Walmart water


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I have been getting my water from the culigan system at Walmart for at least half a year now since my wife wouldnt let me buy an ro unit( she says that I can scrub algae). Here is my scenario though, for the last couple months I have been dealing with more algae then ever so I increased water changes, fed less, increased flow and finally changed my 3 month old bulbs to no avail. Well since the last week I speant a lot of time in the hospital I couldnt get out to get water, so I filled my buckets with tap water and conditioned it(still use tap on fresh tanks) and there is almost no new algae growth in my tank this week except for an abundance of new corraline. What gives?
Did you ever measure the TDS's in that (relatively expensive) WalMart water? (Just curious.)
Do you ever precondition the Walmart water? (Bring Ca, alk, pH etc. up to NSW values). What do you use to "precondition" tapwater- a chlorine remover? Did you handle the tap any differently than the Walmart water other than "preconditioning" it?
What else could possibly be a factor? Is your wife dosing the reef aquarium with anything?
An RO unit quickly pays for itself.
Did you ever show your wife a price comparison of what RO water costs (pennies per gallon) vs. WalMart water?
If things go good with your wife taking care of the aquarium, why change something that's not broken? Maybe she's the real reefkeeper in the family! ;)
Havnt shown her the comparison as all she sees is the up front cost. I never tested the water from Walmart but I use some stuff that I bought at CF for the water. Forgot what it was called and the name rubbed off. I did the same thing for my tap water and also used dechlorinator that I use for my fresh tanks.
That came across wrong, she meant that I can scrub the algae not her. The only thing that she conditions the tank with is the thought of how much she can get for all thats in there if I croak,lol. Anyway my whole set up just cost $20 at least thats all I have ever admited to. She did upgrade my lighting for my birthday.
Lately I've been using the water from WM in both my tanks. My RO unit needs to be rebuilt. I had the water tested at CF and TDS's and phosphates were not out of range on the batch I took in 2 months ago. No real algea problems that I can see on my set up.
I have been using Walmart water also its only 33 cent a gallon if you need good water and dont have money to buy a RO unit I have never had to larg of an algae problem with it.