water for making rock


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When I made mine, many years ago, I used tap water. Why waste ro/di when you have to cure it for several weeks or more anyway.


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Would depend on your tap water. Copper contamination or other metals can cause issues that never go away, pretty sure marinating rocks in other contaminants could be considered a bad idea as well.


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I have well water so I don't know if copper is in the water. The house was bulilt in the 70's, so the pipes are copper. Knowing this would it still be okay to use tap water?


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I don't know if this is true or not but I've heard copper won't leach into freshwater, so I don't think the pipes would be a problem


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FW can definitely leach copper from the pipes. Esepcially if the water is on soft and acidic side...something that is definitely possible with well water in some areas. So I'd make sure that FW has been treated for removal of copper before use ;)