Water movement / flow?


It costs how much?
I have read that, you need good water movement in your reef. I have a 75 gal with 2 Hydor Koralia's (1 -1050, 1 -750) Plus my returns, coming from a Via Aqua 3300 pump.

I turn off my powerheads only, during feeding time (roughly about 30 minutes) and my fish seem much happier. I still have the return pump & skimmer going.

My 2 clowns get close to each other and shaking and my Tang really starts going after the algea, on my LR. The Chromis don't seem to mind, either way.

When I turn my powerheads back on, they kinda hang out, on one side of the tank. They will still swim back and forth, but don't look as happy. I have had all fish, since cycle and haven't lost any (knock on wood) I'm just wondering if I have TOO MUCH flow going on?

As for corals, I have 2 small frags of Monti, a medium Frogspawn, and 3 smaller frags of Zoa's.

What do you think?


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No u actually have petty low flow, I have a 65 gal that us 1 food shorter then ur 75 and I have 2 koralia 1050s, believe it or not it's actually better to have the pumps on non stop, just leave them on all the time except for when u do water changes haha

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Yes, I agree, that is pretty low flow for a tank that size. I have a 40B with two Koralia 750's and I'm needing more flow. :thumbdown

I never turn off the powerheads when I feed.