Water tests perfect but some corals wont open, mushrooms shrinking, fish have worms.


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Hi all.

My current system has been set up now for 6 years and I have never had any problems.

There have been no new additions or changes but around 9 months ago it went through a bad stage of diatoms which smothered some of the corals. The diatoms have all gone now, but the corals have never seemed right since. Although the diatoms have gone, there is a small amount of red slime algae on the sand and live rock even though I use a litre of RowaPhos in a reactor which is regularly changed.

The first corals to be affected were the mushrooms which have now shrunk to 1/20th of their original size over the past couple of months. Now it has moved on to the leather corals which I have had for several years and are mature specimines. The leathers are now closed most of the day and are constantly sheading the waxy coating although there is no algae growing on them that I can see.

The latest coral to be affected are the zoanthids. These were doing fantastic before and spreading, but now they are mostly also closed with a few that remain open.

Is this some kind of bacteria? It seems to be eating away at the corals. I don't know if it is linked, but now some of the fish appear to be wasting away despite a good apetite. It appears they may have worms as they have stringy white feases some of the time.

I would appreciate anyones help as this has completely bewildered me and my LFS.

Kind regards, Simon.


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Can you send me a list of the water quality parameters. Eco-systems makes a Fish and reef maintenance supplement. Good product but takes time to work. May take a bottle or two to see significant results. Problem could be nutritional.