Wave maker pump problem

paul sharpe

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Hi Roger,
I'm hoping you can help me.
I made a wave maker on the end of my tank a long time ago.
I'm using the 6091 controller and have two Tunze pumps.
I originally used two 6261 pumps but they died.
I believe I'm now using 6215.200 pumps.
One is before 2011 and makes a horrible clicking sound when it starts.
The second pump is after 2011.
The problem is this.
When the system stops for some reason, ie feed mode or nighttime sensor, the second pump (post 2011) doesn't start up automatically.
The wavemaker only works on one pump (1/2 the volume of water).
To get the second pump to work I have to disconnect the ac on both pumps and then plug them in again and both pumps will work.
As soon as the system shuts down again only the first pump will start up and I need to unplug both pumps again to start the second pump.
I have tried switching power supplies and the connection to the adjusting screws but nothing changes.
Any thoughts?


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In general a DC pump has a finite life, so it is hard to diagnose this without seeing it, we would generally expect a 6215 pump to have a service life of 7-8 years as that is the lifespan of thin film capacitors. Since it does eventually start, my hunch would be the drive unit is seized or badly worn, the propeller should spin on the shaft and from this time the shaft was removable, it may be seized to the shaft and dragging the shaft in the bushings, which eventually leads to the bushings wearing out.