Wellsophyllia won't open


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I bought this beautiful Wells. 2 weeks ago and it has not opened since I brought it home. My only parameter out of whack is my nitrate at 40 ppm due to an crash in my Nitrate Reductor after a power outage. I have tried moving it to different places in the tank with different flow and still, no results. Any suggestions (besides getting the nitrates controlled!)?


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A friend of mine had one of those that was doing the same thing. Nearest he could figure is it was chemical warfare between his softies causing the wells to shrivel. He brought it to an LFS and it opened right up after acclimating to their tank.



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What type of fish are in the tank..if anything is taking an occasional nip at it they won't open. Also they don't really care for direct lighting if you have very strong lights..hth


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I'm not sure why but a small percentage seem to go through 2-3 week cycles where the don't open for some reason. This is among large lots and animals that we have had in our tanks for some time. I would attempt feeding it with some mysis or something else meaty. In general, this is a good means to get any LPS to increase extension. Additionally, lower light may be helpful.


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Thanks for your reply and a ray of hope. It is in a relatively shaded are (getting light but not direct light from my 2 250 w MHs). I will try to continue feeding it. I have never seen any of my fish even exhibit the remotest interest in this or any of my other LPS or SPS, so for this I feel lucky.


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Not to hijack your thread but I'm having a similar problem, when you say Wellsophyllia your talking about what's now called a Trachyphyllia right ?

Here's mine that has closed up after 4 days in my tank, it was open the first day and a half. I figured it was on its last legs, am I to understand it could inflate again ?? I don't have no softies.....

<center><a href="http://s602.photobucket.com/albums/tt109/whowadat/?action=view&current=trachphyllia.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i602.photobucket.com/albums/tt109/whowadat/trachphyllia.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a></center>

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I also have the same problem, my wellso has 2 days without open up fully.

it´s been ok since i´ve bought it,

I check the parameter and all is ok.

I don´t know what to do, i did a water change but is still closed up.



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