what alge is this


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What kind of alge is this it is a PITA. it is spreading on my walls and rocks how do I get rid of it.
Dictyota spp.. Capable of easy reproduction by fragmentation. :(

I haven't had problems with it in my tank, but, that is probably because of the Bryopsis spp. I have. :( :mad:

Most fish won't eat it of the algae eaters because it has toxins in it according to E. Borneman. I've heard a hungry Naso spp. (Lipstick Tang?) will eat it, but, you need a huge tank for a Naso. :(
I have 2 tangs in my 110 gl a happatus and a Yellow tang they do not even go near it. any Ideas on who or what will eat this type of alge.
well if there is no other way to get rid of this alge I will have to go NASO hunting on monday. I will be upgrading to a 300 gal this summer so his size should not be an issue I hope.:D
I once brought some macroalgae back from Costa Rica. It looked just like that (and other pictures of Dictyota that I've seen), so I can only assume it was Dictyota. I put it in my tank hoping it would grow. I noticed my queen conch nibbling on it that night. The next day it was gone. I was so mad at that conch, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise now that I hear what a pain this stuff is.

Of course this could have just been a fluke as well. Something to consider anyways.