What are some of the better testing kits to test your reef water & calcium?

John Hartford

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I was wondering what are some of the more accurate and reliable testing kits that you reef keepers are using. I am currently using the Saltwater Master Test Kit by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals,Inc. And my phospate, calcium, and alk. tests are all by the same company as well Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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I have the master's kit and hate, hate, hate, the ammonia and nitrate test.

I cant tell if I have 0ppm ammonia or 0.25 or even in the wrong light 0.50.
And the nitrate is even worse, is it 10, or is it 20, or is it 0?!?

Soon as these tests are done I'm getting the salifert tests or whatever.

Also, while I like the way the alk and calc tests are done (exact drip numbers) I hate the fact that I have to waste 1/2 the calc test solution every time I test. Right now my calc is somewhere over 740ppm, I stoped testing after 37 drops, looked like it could go another 4 or 5 more drops too.
But then again, its precise, which is everything.


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Salifert kits are the best. They cost a little more, but it is worth it.

not the best but for the money they are good.

John Hartford

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What are better tests than the Salifert tests Bebo77? Are there any other good brands out there on the market? I would be interested in finding out what some more are.


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I would assume specific electronic probes calibrated would be better than liquid tests.


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Lamotte test kits are better than Salifert, they cost about double. Salifert's are best for the money as said above.


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A really nice test kit for phosphate is: Deltec, it is rather expensive but salifert, aq pharm, etc. to not test levels in a reef tank. I really think phosphate needs to be tested very infrequently once you have the proper cleaning routine phosphate does not have to be tested at all. Ca and alkalinity I test weekly.

I like the salifert alkalinity test kit.

I like the aquarm pharm ca test kit, easy to use. salifert is possibly better, lamotte is most likely better.


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I use all Salifert... except for pH in which I use a pH probe and monitor and salinity by a refractometer.