what carbon media are you using ?


I've been using the pelleted carbon from drsfosterandsmith and found that they need lots of rinsing to get all the residue off. Wanted some recommendations before switching...

what do you use and why you like or dislike it.


I use marineland carbon, but still requires a little bit of rinsing. I also have my reactor plumb to my filtersocks so I never had any issues. If you want some really clean stuff, I heard BRS has some really good carbon.


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For polishing I use the Marineland carbon, but for everyday use I use BRS ROX carbon in a reactor and I like it. It's got a very small size so a little goes a long way. It does require a bit of rinsing, but the trick is not to over-rinse carbon. I just rinse it until the water runs clear. My skimmer picks up whatever dust gets into the tank (my skimmer cup gets dark) and doesn't seem to harm the tank.

If you want to try it out, you're welcome to have some. Just swing by -- I've got some frags for you as well. :)