what do you think?


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hey all this is my first clam experience what do you think?
is only in the bowl till my 120 is cycled then it can have free reign of the sand bed.... will 660wattt of vho's be enough or when I add 2 400wt iwasaki's also be better?
Beautiful clam but IMO it shouldn't be kept under VHOs, especially in a 24" tall tank. Also maximas should be kept on the rocks not the sand though many people keep them on the sand without any problems. Personally I prefer the look of clams on a rock edge.
In a 24" I also like to see clams under MHs but then again, I have seen and heard that some folks are keeping them under your application without any problems. Just watch to see if the clam mantles start to fade. Intense lighting keeps the beautiful colouration.

I like to keep T. Maxima in the LR but have a big one on the substrate as he it too big. I have recently been placing my clams on LR rubble or small pieces of shell so that he can be moved and also keep critters out of his byssus opening

That is a beautiful clam saltwaterfishlover. :)

thanks for you idea's I am planning on getting the halides just finances are terrible right now..... the clam was under 110wt pc in a 20long for 6 months and has looked like that all the time. about 6" from the lights. right now is 8" under 2 46" vho's and later today am adding the other 4 vho's then in a month or wenever the budget alows getting the halides..... is there a preference on halides for clams? the only definite i have is 2 400watters... spectrum is still up in the air....
After reading Daniel Knop paragraph on Kelvin value, he states that 10000K produces light conditions very similar to those found in coral reefs in several meters depth.

I think you will find some differents in brands of Kelvin rating depending on who makes them. On my 180 I am running 3 x 6,500 Iswaski w/ 2 x 140 watt actinic suppliments. I had 3 x 400 watters 6,500K and I found that the 400ers were more yellow than the 250 Iswaski 6,500K. Heat from the 400ers were the main reason why I went back to 250s.