what does it mean when a shrimp molted


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Im no expert, but I guess you should take it out if you can, but it shouldnt be a huge deal if you dont. Im not sure about crustaceans, but I know reptiles shed usually every 3-5 weeks, depending on how fast they are growing/how much they are eating. I would think crustaceans are about the same, if not a bit more often.


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mine just molted and I took the shell out but im sure my cleaning crew of crabs and starfish would of took care of it, I think this means your water parameters are good if they do, but i could be mistaken


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If you can get it then its best to remove. Hes not the only one molting and they all add up. Your pods also molt. My sally longfoot also molts.


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Kinda gross isn't it! :D