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ok i have some live rock in my tank but i want to add more stuff...i am not good enough (imo) to start adding reef stuff in to it yet...but any ideas?


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Your tank should be cycled after a year. I would
add live rock first. You will probably go thru another cycle if you add a lot. Keep a watch on your water parameters and when they settle out you can start adding stuff - a little at a time so your bio filtration can keep up.


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Build up a good base of live rock, some of it within 8" of the surface, lots of caves and pass-throughs.

Got skimmer?
Adequate sump?
What sort of lights?
Flow/return pump?
If you answer those, and test reqularly and keep records, your tank is old enough to handle most reef items. I have good coral growth in a 6 mo. old tank with a full load of rock and inverts.