what fish for a new tank


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I've heard about keeping types of fish out of the aquarium for a year or more to help the pod, bacteria, worm, etc. population get well established. I was wondering what type of fish this applyed to, and more importantly, what type of fish can be kept in a soon to be reef tank that will not cause problems later, or be aggressive, but also will not eat the pods now. Any ideas?


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The Chromis would look good in a little school in a 135g tank- they are considered the most peaceful of the Damsel family.
Re. your first question about the wait-- that's most likely in reference to Mandarin Gobies. They are one of the most amazing fishes we can keep but they need a population of amphipods, copepods, mysids etc. to live on and so it's recommended people wait a year or so til you add them. If you let the tank mature the pods will thrive and the Mandarin will be fat and happy when you add him. It's also recommended that you have lots of liverock.
I'm a big fan of Gobies and [some] Blennies. For the most part they don't get aggressive, they stay pretty small and there are some really beautiful and interesting choices. Anthias can be a great reef fish too. Fairy Wrasses are awesome... the list is growing :p


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Cardinalfish are a great one to start out with. They don't tend to eat the pods and worms, they look cool, they're hardy, and they're cheap!


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Don't confuse blue damsels with chromis, damsels are aggresive -chromis (frequently green) are peaceful, schooling fish, often used in schools in large systems to help calm other fish.