What is this algae attacking my tank?


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Ok so I have been battling this stuff for quite some time and now that the new tank is up and running I dont want it to come back. the main 2 colonies that were effected are being kept in a tank with just a powerhead running. this stuff ran roots through the sand and attached itself to eveything..... now how do I get rid of it? and what is it?



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See if you can pull it out by the roots by going slow so that it doesn't break into pieces. I had an entire 29G overrun by similar caluerpa and you can beat it by manual removal and/or by starving it out. If you have excess nutrients like I had, you can start dosing Vodka or another carbon source. Or you can find something that eats it. Good luck!


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You might want to scrub hard and remove as much as possible"¦ This will grow like crazy..

Those zoa's look real nice:D


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+1 caulerpa, +1 on just about any tang (I've had purple, hepitus, naso and yellow all eat this). It's what I grow in my refugium and bring clippings out to feed the tangs in the main tank. They love it.


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Nope that is a pic I took a few weeks ago in the old tank that awesome colored colony didnt make it to the new tank because of it. screw the tang police it looks like I will be buying a baby and paying it forward in a few months I need to make sure that crap does not get back into my display.


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Your best bet is to try and make it go sexual, Lights back on in the middle of the night for and hour or so. It's worked for me, must screw up the plants somehow, they turned white and slowly dissolved.


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Defiantly caulerpa. Your best bet would be to get some sort of a tang thats the easiest way. It will eat up all of that algae while maintaining a health diet.