what is this?


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it's like a weird white film covering only 1 side of the tail fin of my firefish.

any ideas? no other fish in the tank are affected. is it possible for brine shrimp to get stuck to the sides of fish?
that sounds odd, but thats what it looks like.


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It's hard to tell from the picture, but it may be part of the slime coat of the fish. How long has it been there and how long did it take to develop?


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it seemingly popped up overnight. the firefish is missing now when i got home from work, so i assume he's dead and eaten already. grr!
thats 2 firefish in 1 week.


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ya it died. i have no idea what the gunk was.
no other fish are affected.

i talked to another area reefer. she got a firefish from the same place, same day. it died too.