What is your favorite clam species? Why? Help me pick one,pls:)


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I would like a clam, but don't know what kind. I am not sure if there is a particular one that would do better than others in my setup, but if they would all do equally well, which should I pick? I want something colorful:D Tank stats under sig line. Also, how soon is too soon to add a clam? All corals are doing well, tank seems stable. Calcium is about 390 I think, that is the only parm i'm trying to adjust, I know it's important; how low is too low on ca?

Thanks for the help!!
I would suggest a Tridacna crocea or maxima as my favorites and also they have the advantage of not getting too large.

I would try correct the calcium level now as once you get a clam it soon starts sucking up the calcium and alkalinity. What method are you going to use to supplement the calcium and alkalinity on a regular basis?

About the only thing I am unsure on is how well the clams I mentioned which are normally used to daylight will do under 20k light which is very blue. Maybe someone with experience of these lights and clams can offer some advice?
I agree with the info Simon has provided, however I noticed your tank is barely 3 months old. I would wait until the tank reaches a more mature state before adding clams. Generally speaking a 3 month old tank still has some cycling to do and does not offer a stable environment.

Supplementing using b-ionic and kalk. Yep, the tank is pretty new, still. It is not cycling, though. So, how long until a tank is ready for a clam, estimating? Thanks for the info, that is why I asked how soon was too soon.

my favorite is by far the gigas. It is just very unusual, and attrractive in its own way. do you have heat problems in your tank?
Temp in the tank is 80-82.

toptank, thanks for the link! Wow, that is a lot of info! I was thinking Derasa, but I don't know if it would adapt well to my light spectrum (400w 20kk), seems sqamosa is from deeper waters where the light would be more like my own. What are your thoughts?

Angela: I think in this case "cycling" isn't meant to mean just establishing a nitrogen cycle. I think it's meant that your tank has reached a point of constant water chemistry and your nutrients ins/outs are in balance. This takes some patience. The tank is probably not as far along as you think. For instance, you might start adding DT's to feed a small clam and 2 weeks later have cyano growing so thick it lifts off the sand and floats around the tank's surface like an island, until it loses bouyancy and sinks to coat your corals/rock. I'm NOT lecturing just trying to amplify what the word "cycling" means in reef jargon as opposed to fish-tank jargon.
Yes, quite possible. Large clams don't need to be fed, though, right? It is my understanding that the large clams photosynthsize enough to do w/o food, at least with much less than small clams. I don't think I would go for a small clam, the survival rate is not high enough for my liking. Not that I at all disagree with your point with regard to the stability or lack-therof in my tank.


Anyone have anything to say about my spectrum??


Daniel knop recommends kelvin between 6000K and 10,000K which produces about the same light spectrum for the depth that you would normally find the Tridacna clams, not to say that some are found deeper.

Symbiotic algae that is in the mantles has pigments as aids in photosyntheisis which are specialized to certain wave length, in other words certain colour sectors.

I wouldn't say that your 20K wouldn't work but for maximum colouration the lower Kelvin rating would be better. On the other hand I have seen and heard of experienced clam raiser have them under your kind of lighting.

Hope this helps a little bit :)