What I've Learned so far..for the past couple of months


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Just wanted to Vent as a newbie...but this is what I've learned from the past couple of months being a "reefer", that I can apply to life..:

1) Patience...Patience...Patience..nothing comes fast.

2) QT EVERYTHING....and setup a QT Tank. I tried to take short cuts and take the easy way out..little did I know I would pay for it. Even if you trust your LFS..don't trust them.

3) I HATE HATE HATE..ICH...I don't wish it on anyone. Almost wiped out my tank except 4 fish...I paid for it DEARLY.

4) Don't buy anything and everything you see just because you want it.

5) Nothing comes easy, do your research on RC or internet.

6) Lastly, some LFS will just sell you everything and anything just because...

Cheers. :bounce2:
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Patience ... and recognition that manufacturers' size recommendations tend to be more wishful than useful :)


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Speak the truth! Especially on the research end of things, never buy something because it looks cool and you want it.