What Kind of Pest Damage?


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Hi All
Do we think this is AEFW's or Red Bugs. The Specimen is A. austera.




Any comments would be appreciated.
Pretty sure it is not red bugs. You would be able to see them in those pics, and they do not really cause that type of damage anyway.
Intersesting. I thought that might be red bugs because of the bleaching. I also have an A. samoensis that has some similar spots, but I cant photograph it as well as the A. austera. Anyone else have any ideas?
It looks like something was eating it, not just a reaction to some stress.

Can you get any better pics? Maybe try a flash.
I agree, does not look like a stress reaction, but something eating it. Does not look like STN or RTN. Just white bloches like the one in the pic. I did night time recon and could not see anything on the coral. Nor have I observed anything go near it during the day.

Heres a pic with flash.
If there are splotches in sections or all over the coral, I'd say AEFW. I just found them in my tank and everything that looks splotchy has them... I've lost four Acros in the last three days...
I had red bugs before Christmas and they had irritated the tissue almost completely off of my Paletta blue. It had been faded for some time before I even though to look for RB's... I didn't notice any in the pics, though. I can spot them with bare eye, nowadays...
Hi guys
Thanks for all the replies so far. Well heres my thinking. The coral is blotchie in several spots, I dont see any red things anywhere on the coral after observing it for a very long time with a flashlite. I think there must be some kind of clear flatworm in there. I can either treat it with flatworm exit or interceptor I have both in stock right now. I think I will try the flat wrom exit first and see if theres any improvment. If not I will go to interceptor. Any other opinions would be appreciated as well.
Just like Gflat65 said, It's a work of flatworm. Do you wrasses in your tank? Try blowing it off with turkey baster and you'll see them come off.

No wrasses yet, but theres one in the master plan soon. The more I look at it, the more it looks like this is the cause of a flatworm. I just have not seen this kind of damage posting by any one else.
I don't know of a specific wrasse that might be used in that sort of utility role. Hopefully some one with experience can chime in here. I am interested, I think, in an australian scotts fairy and ornate.
The damage does not seem to go into the skeletal tissue, but I could be wrong. Whatever it is, is eating the outer layer of the coral.
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The damage does not seem to go into the skeletal tissue, but I could be wrong. Whatever it is, is eating the outer layer of the coral.

hmmm... pls look at the picture i attached! (sorry Thorium, i edit ur picture without permission).
i think, the normal skell should b like the "red color" line. but now, it is flat!
i could b wrong..... but juz my 2 cent...:confused:
Yeah it does look like that, but the picture is misleading. The area you have higlighted is sort of a pit between three branches and that area was kind of smooth to begin with, but thats a good observation.
Red bugs spoted on rock near coral, but not on it tonite. Since, I have not seen any flatworms although they still may be in the tank, I think I will initiate the interceptor response to this "problem." Once the interceptor treatments are complete I will re-evaluate the status of the coral and perhaps use flat worm exit as well. Thanks for all the responses.
Looks like a redbug irritation, especially since all the polyps are closed. I saw this white bleached pattern in a coral I recently got, but only after I blasted it with a MJ1200. Seems to have blown off the necrosing tissue, causing the white patch, which didn't show before the blasting.
Also looks like irritation from an acro crab, but don't they usually stick to a general area, making ID easy? The location of the problem in the pics suggests to me something is nesting there.
As to interceptor, I used it a year ago with success, but is the coral able to be removed from it's perch and blasted with a PH in seclusion? May save some trouble killing innocent byswimmers.
I'm still waiting to see how my blasting goes, after a week no bugs and it opened it's polyps that night and started colouring-up the next day, to my happy surprise.
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Thanks again for the replies, hopefully others might see the pics and be able to identify the pest if they ever have a coral that looks like mine and treat it. The white patch appeared overnight. That coral does not host any acro crabs and I really have never seen anything during the day pick at it. But, since I saw the red bugs last nite I am going to treat the whole tank, the coral could be removed but I dont want to risk not missing any bugs in the display. I am going to do the first treatment today.