What species lives near SF bay??


In Memoriam
The university is collecting new animals out near Bodega Bay, just north of SF and I have a chance to get an octo for very cheap. They don't know what species it is, though. I always thought O. bimac lived down near Santa Barbara and further south?? Does O. rubescens live near the SF bay??
Well, aside from the fact that it is generally against University of California policy to sell to private individuals animals collected under scientific permits, the animal is probably O. rubescens. Two years ago, they were getting quite a few GPO's deeper off shore, but if it is in shore, it is probably O. r.

Becareful of them. They seem to be one species prone to bite and the saliva is rather nasty usually producing a bee-sting like bite.

hey wombat, im a student at UCD, is there any way i can get some info on this. email me or something and let me know, i've been thinking about an octopus for a while and this sounds pretty cool.
As long as it's still university property it's not against policy. It would be kept in a tank at school, not at home. It wouldn't be used for research or for students, that's all. But I have to pay for the cost to get it here to keep it as our office pet. Thanks for the species ID. febtober I can't help you out but I know a good source for online octos is at fishsupply.com. That's where I got my current O. bimac.